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  • Toolbox Talks

    Following are the salient features of a toolbox talks:

    Should be scheduled at the beginning of the work shift
    Meeting should be done at the job site
    Duration should…

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  • Cargo Loading Safety

    Purpose of Cargo Loading Safety Instruction .

    Cargo Loading Safety is every Operators Job and is an essential part of our safety program
    It is a simple technique…

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  • Authorised Gas Tester Training

    Gas detectors are used for the following purpose:

    Routine Checking
    Checking for suspected leaks
    Preparation for maintenance, particularly in confined space
    Recording long term contamination (1- 8 hrs)

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    Training Course Contents:

    Everyone has a part to play in preventing fire in the workplace. We all need to be aware of the danger of fire so that we may…

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  • Confined Space Entry Training

    Purpose of CSE Safety on the Project

    Confined Space Entry safety is an essential part of our safety program
    Everyone must plan safety into their tasks
    If everyone is…

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  • Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

    This course references but does not detail the Project Procedures.

    Those applying or supervising LOTO are expected to be familiar with the Procedures.

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